Table of Contents


About the Author

1. The Modern Day Record Producer

How They Do It
Why the Right Producer Is Important
The Gender Factor
2. Who They Are

  Walter Afanasieff
Michael Barbiero
Howard Benson
Tony Brown
Dave Bryson
Solomon Burke
T-Bone Burnett
Ed Cherney
Mike Davenport
Sully Erna
Maya Ford
J.D. Foster
Dave Fridmann
Mitchell Froom
Don Gehman
Lou Giordano
Ryan Greene
Brett Gurewitz
Ben Harper
Joe Henry
Mike Herrera
Dennis Herring
Ross Hogarth
  Mark Howard
Dave Jerden
Nick Launay Dave Leto
David Lowery
Daron Malakian
Longineu Parsons III
Linda Perry
J.P. Plunier
John Porter
Garth Richardson
Bob Rock
Michael Rosen
Rick Rubin
Sylvia Massy Shivy
Craig Street
Steve Thompson
Mark Trombino
Chris Vrenna
Rufus Wainwright
Butch Walker
Matt Wallace
Don Was
Brad Wood

3. The Evolution of Today’s Producers

The Songwriting Producers
From Engineer to Producer
From the Road to the Studio
From Record Company to Producer and Back
Going From Remixer to Producer
In the Final Analysis
4. Artists as Producers

The Art of Co-Production
The Risks of Producing a Legend
Producing On-The-Fly
A Study of Pink
Going Solo in the Studio
The Key to Success? Perspective
Playing While Producing
5. Getting into the Game

Moving Up the Ranks
The Importance of a Mentor
Getting the Gigs
Establishing Relationships
Got Management?
Specialty Producers
The Exclusive Gig
6. Label Politics

Band vs. Label: The Producer as Referee
The Company Line
The Difference Between Majors and Indies
7. The Courting Process

How Producers Pick Artists
How Artists Pick Producers
The Key to the Ongoing Relationship
Building Trust and Intimacy
Working as the Next Producer
Finding Acts to Get Them Signed
Fighting the Good Fight
8. Putting the Team Together

Bringing in Session Players
The Engineer’s Perspective
Producers Who Engineer Their Own Sessions
The Balancing Act
Long Term Engineer-Producer Relationships
The Boss
9. Selecting a Studio and Technology

How to Select a Studio
The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Studio
Selecting Technology
Using Technology to Find Perfection
10. Managing the Budget

Working With the Budget
Going Over Budget
Producing on the Cheap for the Love of the Band
Creative Financing
Money Doesn’t Equal Perfection
11. Before the Studio

The Art of Pre-Production
Selecting Songs
Hit Songs? Radio Songs?
Polishing Arrangements
12. Working on the Songs

To Push or Not to Push?
How Receptive are Artists?
The Artist’s Perspective
Holding the Reins
Setting the Vibe
13. In the Studio

Setting the Schedules
Closed Studio or Animal House?
Drug and Alcohol Use
Working with Band Dynamics
Dealing with Difficult Personalities
14. Recording the Songs

Getting Performances
A Few Tried and True Tricks
Time for Inspiration
Hitting Problem Spots
Surviving Difficult Sessions
Mixing the Songs
Getting Ready to Mix
Thinking About Multi-channel Formats?
15. Postscript: The Status of the Music Industry

How is Piracy Effecting Producers?
The Business Side
How Do Producers Measure Success?
At the End of the Day