What They're Saying

"Rick Rubin, Garth Richardson, Michael Barbiero, Walter Afanasieff, Bob Rock - these are names synonymous with the term "hit record." These are the people behind some of the biggest selling albums to ever grace the Billboard charts, and in Producing Hit Records David John Farinella brings you, the reader, face to print with some 40-odd of them for a candid look into the secrets of their success(es). From tip to trick to tactic, all are covered herein along with many a yarn spun by producers and musicians alike, letting you look into the mechanics of the process, while also making this book not only a highly informative, well-rounded read, but also incredibly entertaining. Spanning both ages and genres, Solomon Burke to System of a Down, Farinella's voyeuristic journey behind the glass is a "must-read" for aspiring producers and seasoned vets alike."
- EQ magazine (June 2006)

"Wanna get the inside scoop on how to produce a hit record? Then pick up a copy of the aptly named Producing Hit Records (Schirmer Trade Books, 2006) by David John Farinella. Learn from some of the most successful producers - including Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Run-DMC), Dave Jerden (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and David Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Sparklehorse) - about topics such as the evolution of today's producers, the artist as producer, label politics, selecting a studio and managing a budget."
- Remix magazine (May 2006)

"The shape-shifting and fluid role of the record producer is dissected in this readable mix of practical instruction distilled from insider interviews. The 40-plus producers featured cover most genres and include heavy hitters like Rick Rubin, Don Was and Bob Rock, and their collective pearls of wisdom serve as a decent introduction to the many facets of the real-world producer's task. As well as topics like label politics, selecting a studio and managing a budget, the book offers enlightening anecdotes about the arduous, often painful process of extracting musicians' potential."
- Guitarist (UK) magazine (July 2006)

"…There are no easy rules when it comes to the art and science of producing a record. After all, producing encompasses many roles; it enders into the area of what this author terms "sonic voodoo," a kind of amorphous, indefinable realm where good production equals a cohesive album, and poor production results in muddled aural chaos. But while there are no easy answers, there is much collective wisdom on the subject, and it was savvy of Farinella to invite a host of record producers to share their thoughts on the subject. The result is a fascinating and ambitious book…"
- Paul Zollo in American Songwriter magazine

"…Record Producer is one of the hardest jobs to describe because out of all the career choices in the music industry this one wears the most hats. Producing Hit Records does an excellent job of giving an accurate description of the production process including tips like choosing an adequate studio, engineer, and project all the way to creating a budget and keeping your attitude in check while working with temperamental musicians…."
- Robin Steeley in Crave magazine (July 2006)

"…The author has done a remarkable job of hunting down producers and interviewing them. The book goes far in removing the mystery surrounding the art of producing. If one desired to become a producer, Farinella's writing could provide the proverbial road map…."
- Neal Gardner on Blogcritics.org (August 9, 2006)

"…Not only does PRODUCING HIT RECORDS delve into the job detail of a producer, but it goes deeper and discusses how many producers got into the music industry. Topics include setting and sticking to a budget, getting started, choosing a studio, keeping an upbeat attitude during recording sessions, and even babysitting the possibly temperamental musicians. It's an intriguing look into the side of music that is rarely seen. Anyone with an interest in how CD's are created needs to buy a copy of this book. PRODUCING HIT RECORDS gives a new outlook to how a record is made and what costs go into producing an album…."
- Tracy Farnsworth at Round Table Reviews (April 2006)

"We know they're somehow integral to making the albums we know and love, but what exactly does a record producer do? Through a barrage of interviews with key players in the recording field (including Rick Rubin, Dave Fridmann, Ben Harper and many more), music journalist David Farinella explores the many responsibilities and philosophies that come along with the job. …Music geeks take note."
- Maurice Spencer Teilmann in Synthesis magazine

"Thanks for the book by David Farinella. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Producing Hit Records is a marvelous book covering the creative, technical and practical business aspects of record production. It should interest anyone wishing to upgrade their professional skills in record production. It is very rare to find the practical advice laid out in this book anywhere else. It should be required reading for all students of record production."
- David P. Leonard, President Trebas Institute (Toronto and Montreal)and Past President of Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA)